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NEW: AC/DC 4- Quadrant amplifier
Series LVA

The 4-Quadrant Amplifier LVA is a new technically extended porgrammable voltage source for the automotive supply simulation of 12V, 24V and new 48V supply systems, maximum voltage 70V.


It's technical specifications are designed for compliant testing according to ISO (7637, 16750), OEM (LV124, LV148) and many manufacturers specifications.



  • Extremely low harmonic distortion - even under verynon-linear load conditions
  • Very fast slew rate >20V/µs
  • Operatesfrom DC up to 50kHz large signal bandwidth(-3dB)
  • Smallsignal bandwidth up to 300kHz
  • Sink operation mode included – real 4-quadrant operationmode
  • Touchpanel operation 7” 800x480



Die optimale Quelle
für Bordnetzsimulation


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