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AC/DC Current Amplifiers


                              ES/ESM AC Current Amplifiers with a

                              frequency range of 15Hz - 1500Hz and an output power of up to 3kVA at cos Phi 0,7 (ind) -1 - 0,7 (cap)


                              GS/GSM AC/DC CURRENT AMPLIFIERS

                              frequency range of DC - 1500Hz and an output power of up to 4kVA at cos Phi 0 (ind) -1 - 0 (cap)

                              all amplifier types have a very low harmonic distortion and load regulation

                              Typical applications for these amplifiers include:

                              • Testing thermal and magnetic trip characteristics of circuit breakers
                              • Testing of trip characteristics of fuses
                              • Calibration and testing of ammeters, powermeters etc.
                              • Complex multiphase mains simulation systems of line currents AND line voltages across multiple phases (e.g. for testing of power line protection devices such as Distance Protection Relays for the electricity supply industry)