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A quick overview of the company development

Spitzenberger & Spies can look back on more than 50 years of company development. Already in the sixties, Carl Spitzenberger and Hans Spies decided to realize their own technical ideas in independent work.

Hans Spies left the company in 1966, but his name remains.

The company, founded in Viechtach in 1963 with a total floor area of 80 m2, commenced the production of fully-transistorized amplifiers with a workforce of only five people. Thus, the foundations for the company Spitzenberger & Spies were laid.

Within a short time, the company was forced to expand its workforce, which ultimately led to the relocation of the company to larger premises in 1977.

Due to continued expansion, we finally occupied the present works in the industrial district of Viechtach in 1986, where we have a modern production and administration area of 3000 m². Meanwhile, the number of workers increased to over seventy people.