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Milestones (highlights)

1963 Foundation of the company by Carl Spitzenberger and Hans Spies Priority: Transistors as power amplifiers
1964 First transistor amplifier with a power of 200W
1968 Three-phase supply systems / control oscillators
1976 Beginning of the export within Europe
1977 Relocation to the new premices
The first computer controlled devices
1980 Development of test systems for automatic circuit breakers
1981 Beginning of the worldwide export
1985 Increased application of microprocessor technology / IEEE control
1986 Test systems for the public power supply
1986 Relocation into the present working area in the industrial district of Viechtach
1986 Design of a linear amplifier system with a peak power of 0.75MW
1992 PHE Basis System als Netzsimulationssystem und für die Messung von Netzrückwirkungen
1994 PHE Basic System as mains simulation system and for the measurement of mains reactions
1995 Basic EMC System with Windows Software®
1996 Measurement-, control- and simulation unit „SyCore“
1996 Magnetic field simulation
1998 Amplifier-integrated measurement- and control unit „DDS“
1999 Analyser Reference System type „ARS“ for the evaluation of mains reactions
2000 Extensive enlargement of our Basic EMC System according to new standards in the EMC directive
2001 Automotive Supply Simulation 12V, 24V and new 42V
2003 40 year anniversary of the company
2007 Three-phase mains simulation system type DM 90000/PAS/S based upon an invention of our company (applied for a patent in the Munich patent office, titled „Power Amplifier System“, AZ 10 2006 036 481.3)
Carl Spitzenberger sen. turned the company into the hands of his sons, Carl jun. and Michael.
The founder of the company Carl Spitzenberger sen. passed away unexpectedly
2013 50 year anniversary of the company
Solar panel simulator PVS for testing of solar inverters acc. to EN 50530
 2015 New linear amplifier series APS replaces PAS series
 2016 New automotive supply simulation source LVA replaces PAS/GN Kfz series
Introducing state of the art digital user interface with touchscreen operation
Impedance measuring device IMD published
Current amplifier series ACS replaces series ES/ESN/ESM
Partnership with 'Familienpakt Bayern'
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Magnetic field testing system for automotive standard ISO 11452-8 available