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Test Systems for Solar Inverters according to IEC/EN 50530 and IEC62116

Due to climate change the use of regenerative energy sources is promoted increasingly. The use of solar energy is becoming more and more important.


The ideal test system for solar inverters consists of a photovoltaic solar cell simulator (PVS), a mains supply system simulator (DM 90000/PAS) and a power recuperation unit (PRU) which reduces the energy consumption of the entire system by app. 70%.

For testing the anti-islanding function of solar inverters according to the IEC62116 the AC resistor load RLC is available.

User friendly and convenient testing and reporting is possible with the software package SPS_Inverter_Test, compliant to the standards but also far beyond.

Operating ranges are:

  • U: 0…1500V
  • Regulating speed < 100µs for the evaluation of the MPP tracking capabilities